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Talking Cards: Verbal Comprehension and Expression
  • Talking Cards: Verbal Comprehension and Expression


    "Conversation Cards (Pack 1)" Opportunities for verbal interaction with teenagers and adults. Valuable in therapy with persons with dementia, aphasia, and closed head injury, as well as with high school pupils with verbal comprehension and expression problems. Also handy for clients who need to practice techniques for e.g. improvement of fluency, voice quality, or the carry-over of correct articulation patterns. Important: the therapist, educator, or communication partner selects cards that match the client's world of experience, language level, and cognition, as well as the goal of the session. Cards can also be used in communication groups. Cards can be combined with games like Jenga or "pick up sticks" for some fun. Enjoy the program's South African “flavour”:) Themes are as follows: personal information, clothes, family, food, home, animals, places, people and their things, Earth South Africa and Time, quantities and associations.  These can be read aloud by the client or another person. These talking cards are in A4 size as well as in a much smaller 4-on-an A4-page size. At the back of the pack, a memorandum is provided with possible answers. 130 pages to print. 

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