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"Beautiful Day..."

Updated: May 5, 2022

I found the movie, "Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood" (2019) truly inspiring! The movie (starring Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers) is about the life story of the TV icon, Fred Rogers. Fred entertained and educated children via his program"Mister Rogers' Neighbourhood" for many years. He held qualifications in child development, ministry and music and was truly a talented and wonderfully wise man who served children creatively and intelligently. He received honorary degrees from over 43 colleges and universities, an Emmy and was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 1999! Do yourselves a favour and watch his acceptance speech as well as some of his other videos on YouTube... Many of his songs have beautiful lyrics .... share them with the children you work with. And Fred had such a special place in his heart for children with disabilities.

The movie and Fred Rogers himself inspired me to reflect on the work I do with children in my therapy room. These are my 6 favourite Fred Rogers quotes. You're welcome to share yours!

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